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  1. Team 5430 is a second year team in Pittsburg California, we have signed up for the Idaho regional. This is a little farther afield than I wanted for a second year, but all of the California events were full. I understand the Idaho regional is giving out a limited number of grants to team to come to Idaho. What do we need to do to be considered for one of the grants.


    1. The grants are for Idaho-based teams. The money was graciously donated through the Idaho STEM Action Center. The Regional Planning Committee will discuss how to address requests for travel grants at our next meeting in February.


  2. Our team, DNA 4009, will be participating in the Idaho Regional. We do the webcasting for the Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, MN. One of the things we do is provide students to operate the A/V company’s “skycam”. One of the students asked if it is possible to help out with the skycam at the Idaho Regional if your A/V company will be using one for overhead shots of the matches.


    1. Bruce, We are currently working out that process now. We do have video with the venue, but I don’t know to what extent they will be helping us. As part of that we are also needing to setup the live stream to Blue alliance. Hopefully we will know more by the end of this week.


  3. If you would like our team to help with the live stream, bring our computer with capture card, or would like to ask some questions, please contact me. Thanks, -Bruce


  4. The venue concessions will be open for breakfast and lunch. We are not doing boxed lunches. There are a number of places in the Student Union Building just across the lawn as well.
    I am compiling a list of these locations and of local restaurants with contact information and will have that on this website on the team page by the end of the week. If you do obtain food outside of the venue, you will not be able to bring it inside 😦 but are welcome to “tailgate” in the parking lot. Let me know if you have other questions and we’ll see you in 17 days!


  5. Hello. I was recently at the event and had a very important item of mine stolen. It was my camera stabilizer. It was a Yelangu S60T. I was wondering if I could be updated on if the item was recovered at any point from the event please. Additional info was the screw used to connect the stabilizer was not the one it came with, having a wide base to grip on, it was last seen in the stands andit was lost/ possibly stolen on the last day of completion. Thank you in advance. The event was ran very well and I really hope that you could provide some assistance in some form.


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